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Petra Führich

Interviews and portraits of interesting people - extraordinary men and strong women answer Petra Führich's questions in an interview. Well-known personalities, stars and successful entrepreneurs tell us about their work and their lives. Surprisingly honest and inspiring.



Catharina Roland

Catharina Roland in private at Führich Talks

Monika Donner

Monika Donner in private with Petra Führich as a guest in - Führich Talks

Roland Düringer

In conversation with Roland Düringer about the past, life today and a few glimpses of what the future could bring...

What does true spirituality have to do with self-empowerment? Why stretching is not equal to yoga and what can I do to progress on my "own" spiritual path.

Ulrim Bright Star
Florian Koschat

Financial expert Florian Koschatb z guest of Petra Führich, he tells us about the right way to invest our finances and what it takes to invest safely.

Dr Ruediger Dahlke

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke in a live interview with Petra Führich in - Führich Talks.

Max Fraisl

Petra Führich and Max Fraisl in - Führich Talks.
Max Fraisl is the official double of James Bond actor Daniel Craig.

Dr Pablo Hagemeyer

In a Führich Talks interview, Dr. Pablo Hagemeyer presents his latest book "The Perfidious Games of Narcissists" for the first time in Vienna!

Dr Markus Stöcher

How many vitamins do we need? With Dr. Markus Stöcher in a live interview with Petra Führich!

Gerald Hörhan

Gerald Hörhan, also known as the Investment Punk is an Austrian investment banker, real estate investor, online entrepreneur and publicist.

Barbara Balldini

Barbara Balldini, Austria's funniest sexpert in a talk with Petra Führich, Vienna's long-time gastronome!
Barbara Balldini in private.

Robert Betz

Robert Betz, Is Being Happy Really a Matter of Luck? How we succeed in life - Or the courage to make ourselves a happy person.

Petra Führich Talks

Petra Führich, owner of Restaurant Führich in the 1st district, conducts interviews with well-known personalities and top experts from various fields in the new event series.



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